SACRA is a Miami-based inspirational brand created in 2019 by Tammy Furman Saporta. It was born from the desire to use fashion as a tool for women to embrace who they are.

SACRA is more than just a brand, it is a tribe of women that feel proud of themselves.

SACRA is inspired by all those women who took their power back and decided they are worth it no matter what others think. Our brand seeks to empower women through fashion and through our community to embrace their true self.


Tammy Furman Saporta is a Chilean native, based in Miami, FL. Her career & education began in the design and art world. After years of emotional distress, she decided that working on herself was her first and most important priority. Through several different practices, such as yoga and meditation, she began a journey that led her to acceptance and self love. Soon after, it became a passion for her to share this path with everyone that was willing to hear it.

Little by little, and inspired by her amazing three daughters, she decided that this was her calling.

SACRA was born out of the love and personal necessity to merge all of Tammy’s passions into one place. It is the perfect blend between fashion, art, self love and acceptance. SACRA invites you to embark on a journey where you will use your uniqueness and turn it into a superpower. SACRA also invites you to create your own universe, where embrace that you are already perfectly imperfect. We can't wait to share this journey with you! TAMMY & THE SACRA TEAM